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Eco Farm Photos 2011 and Earlier

These are images of who we were and what we've done on Eco Farm, and before Eco Farm began. Check back as we add more old photos, and check out our facebook page as well. (Look for "Eco Farm NC, Farming, Agriculture".)

Global Warming 2011: Cindy is weeding the Eco Farm carrots in our field at Maple View Farm... in a T-shirt in December! This pig chews happily on a taste of clover she found. In December, Nichole transports the split firewood logs into piles. Then we load it into our pick-up trucks to bring to customers. Willie harvests collards, broccoli, and cabbage for the market.
Nichole harvests turnips in our fields at Maple View Farm. Scotty tosses a log into the truck while he and John split firewood. Willie and John split firewood, loading it into the pick-up for delivery. Mark, John, and Scotty load pigs for slaughter and meat-packing.
Shane sprung-tooth harrows a field using Scotty, John, and Bobby to add additional weight. John grows four acres of vegetables and flowers at Maple View Farm where their Agricultural Center demonstrates crop growth to students. John trailers his tractor from Eco Farm to the assortment of other fields he leases to grow additional crops. In the summertime heat, John cools off his boar and a sow by spraying them with cold water.
When the piglets are very young, they can slip their tiny bodies beneath their electric fence. They startle quickly and run en masse, which keeps them safe from the few cars on our drive. Their muzzles dusted with corn, these piglets look up momentarily while enjoying their grain. The porch fills up with strawberries! Willie, John, Bengie, Alena, and Scotty fold strawberry boxes on our back porch in May.
Nichole, Scotty, Mark, John, and Willie plant garlic in the fall. On a rainy morning, John, Nichole, Scotty, Alena, and Willie don rain gear before going out to harvest in the fields. Nichole and Elsa cut shiitake mushrooms from the logs we've innoculated. Our cold frame reflects a magnificent sunset.
Spaghetti is a favorite poultry treat, maybe with the birds imagining they've just captured a juicy worm. Nichole, John, Cindy, and Willie attend an earlier farmers' market.
John and Cindy went to a fishing village in Mexico with their friends Carroll and Spencer. (January 2009) Flower child and Duane Allman at the Carrboro Farmers' Market on Halloween. (Halloween 2009) Noah, Anna, and Willie butcher a deer they shot on the farm. On the first year that Eco Farm was sponsored for Panzanella's Local Farm Dinner, John was concerned when all of his overalls were missing so he couldn't wear his standard outfit to dinner. He put on blue jeans and a fancy shirt and he and Cindy went to the restaurant. After they were seated, his six female farmhands showed up, all dressed as Farmer Johns, wearing beards that Elsa had figured out how to make out of garlic roots and also wearing his baseball caps and all of his "missing" overalls.
Cindy rides up to Washington DC with the kids for an anti-war march. (September 24, 2005)
Nichole was a Rastafarian for this Halloween. (1999) In our earliest days at the farmers' market, Cindy sold appliques she sewed of houses, pets, and people. In this photo Cindy is accompanied by her niece, Amarandi, who was only three at that time. (1995)
Before he became a farmer, John was a fisherman in Northport, NY. When he had his first dragger, Cochise, he earned his income catching fish, lobster, and squid, and the family often dined on seafood. Willie and Shane play with the banded live lobsters on the countertop while John pulls the flounder out of the kitchen sink and cuts them into filets for dinner. Cindy and the kids board Beluga briefly when they pick up John at sunset to drive him home after his day's work. The moon hangs just above the dragger's lighting. (1989) John dumps the seafood out of the net and onto the deck while the family watches. Step-mother Angela carries baby Willie and holds Nichole's hand while Shane is involved with sorting fish and lobsters. Cindy takes photographs.
The family poses for a photograph on Halloween at our home in East Northport. Nichole, Cindy, and John are cave people, and Shane (age 7) is a ninja man. (1988) Cindy took this photo of Nichole and John where they went with Shane to vacation in the Greek fishing village, Keparissi, where Cindy's paternal great-grandmother lived. (1987) Blue Winds, the fiberglass sailboat that David built and sailed to and from the Bahamas, set sail in our northwest field for many, many months. It finally became clear that she was taking up too much row-space, so David sold her to a man who trucked her back to his home in the mid-west. This photo was taken the week that Willie was born in their home in New York. Shane, Willie, John, Cindy, and Nichole pose in their first photograph as a family of five. (1989)
John cleans off Baby Nichole by giving her a shower. (1986) John, Cindy, and Nichole pose with their friend Maria Petrone and her four sons. (And back in those days, John was not the one wearing overalls!) (1986) Matt poses with Great Grandpa Murray, Nephew Shane, brand new Niece Nichole. (1986) Great Grandma Gertrude Isacowitz holds Baby Nichole. Behind her are Shane, Cindy, and Granny Riva. (1986)
John and Cindy met in September 1984, and the next summer he took Cindy and Shane on a trip to Greece, where they visited her father Nick in Athens, and then went to the island Sifnos. Three-year-old Shane took this photograph of them as they were walking from mountaintop to sea. (1984) Cindy, John, and Shane pose for their wedding day photo in January. (1986) John and Papoo Nicholas eat Doritos and drink Budweiser while celebrating newborn Nichole on her birthday. (1986) Five-year-old Shane holds his baby sister. (1986)
This old photo shows Ma Prem Suniti with her first child, Shane, on the front steps in the home they rented on Craig Street in Chapel Hill. (1981) Ma Prem Suniti as a gypsy and her first husband, Rusty, as Cousin It on a Halloween evening at Riva's house in Carrboro. (1979) Ma Prem Suniti showing off as a quality saleswoman in Ira's Maker's Market in Carr Mill Mall in the mid-Seventies, her first job in a health food store. (1975) James, David, Cindy, and Matt sit on the porch of the house their mother rented in Chapel Hill. Cindy (given the name Ma Prem Suniti) and Matt (still "Matt") were Rajneesh sannyasins, or "Orange People" at that time. (mid Seventies)
Matthew, Cindy, David, and James pose for a siblings photo at their mother's Chapel Hill apartment. (late Seventies) Rusty, Riva, and Cindy decided to take a drive down to Key West, Florida for a winter vacation. They drove there in Cindy's first automobile, a telephone van, and they brought Tasha (Cindy's dog) and Sharma (Riva's dog) with them. (1980) Sitting on the front steps of Cindy's father's house in East Northport, NY are (from top left to bottom right): Cousin John Colombotos, Nicholas Econopouly (Cindy's father), Cindy, Eileen Econopouly (Cindy's aunt), David Econopouly (Cindy's brother), William Econopouly (Cindy's cousin), Shane, Gus Econopouly (Cindy's uncle). (1983) Rusty and Suniti celebrate Riva's Thanksgiving dinner. (1979)
John runs the 10k Cow Harbor Run in his hometown of Northport, New York. (1979) Cindy hitchhiked across the country from Chapel Hill to California with her dog Tasha and her friend Sis. Along the way they were asked by numerous drivers if they'd read "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues", but they had not, nor had they heard of the author Tom Robbins. When Cindy returned to Chapel Hill, she got the book out of the library and has since read every one of his incredibly creative storybooks. This photograph was taken in New Mexico. (1977) At Halloween in her college town of Oneonta, NY, Cindy poses with and as her dog, Tasha. (1977) In high school, Cindy and her brother David pose for a photograph with their dad, Nicholas, on the marble back porch of their home in Aghia Paraskevi, Athens, Greece.(1973)
Ten years after she graduated from high school and left Greece, Cindy got the opportunity to take 3-year-old Shane with her to return to a favorite Greek island and spend a summer there with her brothers Matt and David. They camped out on the beach and swam everyday, and spent each afternoon greeting new arrivals on the daily ferry. (1984) Their family friend, Sharon (holding Shane), went to Greece with them to share their adventures. Sharon and Matt spent some time camping out in this empty brick building which was being built into a hotel. (1984) The people in Greece escape the heat of the mid day by taking a siesta after lunch, enabling them to stay out late at night. Every night Cindy and Shane would visit The Old Captain's Bar beside the beach; Matt was often one of the musicians playing there. (1984) John was a hot looking babe on Halloween in college. (1979)
John was a long distance runner when he attended Pima College in Arizona. (1979) At age thirteen, Cindy drapes her arm over the disheartened face she painted on her family's VW minibus. In 1968, the family drove the bus from Frankfort, Germany to Athens, Greece, stopping overnight in Yugoslavia where the four kids found five turtles they later smuggled into Greece. In this photo, the family's new dog, "Newdog", poses with Cindy. Matt, Cindy, and David get a donkey ride in their grandfather's village of Zarafona, Greece. (1962) Little Johnny, in his customary overalls, sits on the family's back door step behind his two older brothers Billy and Jimmy, and with the family dachshund, Gretchen. (1962)